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GST Collection Highest In April '19

A Draft Correspondent | New Delhi

The total gross Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue collected in the month of April 2019 is Rs 1,13,865 crore of which CGST is Rs 21,163 crore, SGST is Rs 28,801 crore, IGST is Rs 54,733 crore (including Rs 23,289 crore collected on imports) and cess is Rs 9,168 crore (including Rs 1,053 crore collected on imports). The total number of GSTR 3B Returns filed for the month of March up to 30 April 2019 is 72.13 lakh. This despite the Directorate General of Anti-Profiteering (DGAP) investigating over 50 property developers for not passing the GST benefits to end consumers and after probing about 125 cases and discovering that 60% of them had indulged in profiteering.

The government has settled Rs 20,370 crore to CGST and Rs 15,975 crore to SGST from IGST as regular settlement. Further, Rs 12,000 crore has been settled from the balance IGST available with the Centre on provisional basis in the ratio of 50:50 between Centre and States. The total revenue earned by Central Government and the state governments after regular and provisional settlement in the month of April 2019 is Rs 47,533 crore for CGST and Rs 50,776 crore for the SGST.

The revenue in April 2018 was Rs 1,03,459 crore and the revenue during April 2019 is a growth of 10.05% over the revenue in the same month last year. The revenue in April 2019 is 16.05% higher than the monthly average of GST revenue in FY 2018-19 (Rs 98,114 crore).

With inputs from agencies

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