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Timely Police Action Saves A Cow

A Draft Correspondent | Mumbai

It was a quiet Saturday morning, unusual by Mumbai standards and, particularly so, the zone - Kalbadevi which otherwise buzzes with traders, office-goers and deafening traffic. It was Gudi Padwa!

A crowd had gathered at the entrance to a street under a tree on which a loosely-tied banner announced a kavi sammelan. Oddly, things didn’t quite fit in with the location and the assortment of people huddled against each other. It evidently looked like they were all trying to get a glimpse of something.

This scribe moved closer and found two traffic police constables in the middle of the crowd attempting to free a cow in acute distress. She had her long, curved horns stuck awkwardly in one of the decorative steel grills protecting an old tree at the entrance of a lane.

The policemen trying to release the stuck cow while a member of the public holds the bovine still

It evidently was an itch that led the cow in the spot she landed. For almost ten minutes, they tried to manoeuvre the cow’s head out of the tiny space it was stuck in. The impatience of the surging crowds, the incessant spree of passersby and repeated attempts to free itself had left the cow exhausted.

The heroes of the day: Traffic Police Constables Santosh Avhad (left) with colleague Garje

Meanwhile, someone got a cutter and a policeman managed to cut out a section of the grill and free the cow amidst peals of applause from the crowd which dispersed after lauding the policemen.
Going beyond the call of duty, the random act of kindness displayed by the policemen - normally flayed for their apathy and disdain towards public needs - left everyone pleasantly surprised.

The two traffic police constables, Garje and Avhad, moved on to perform their daily chores attending to traffic needs of the zone as unsung as most real-life heroes.

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