Mumbai Traffic Police Clarify Rule On Use Of Marathi Number Plates

By A Draft Correspondent 

In clarification regarding vehicle number plate regulations, an official from the Maharashtra State Transport Department has affirmed that it is mandatory for all vehicles to display English number plates on both the front and rear sides. Additionally, vehicle owners have the option to use regional number plates as well, according to their preference.

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A complaint filed by a resident of Panvel, Ashish Karle, prompted a query to the Mumbai Traffic Police department regarding the fines imposed on individuals using Marathi number plates. Responding to Ashish Karle's concern, Inspector Sandip Badgujar of the Multimedia Cell within the Mumbai Traffic Police explained on August 28 that actions are taken against those whose number plates violate the norms outlined in the Central Motor Vehicles (CMV) Act.

Former officer of the Maharashtra State Transport Department, Sanjay Sasane, clarified that writing numbers in Marathi is not considered an offense. However, he emphasized that not having an English number plate, as stipulated by the rules, is indeed an offense. Marathi or other regional language number plates cannot substitute the prescribed number plates mandated by the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. Furthermore, he emphasized that the high-security number plate issued during registration (since 2017) should not be removed or replaced.

Another retired transport department official added that, as per the Central Motor Vehicle (CMV) Act of 1989, vehicles across India may display letters and numerals in their respective state languages. However, they must also display a registration number plate featuring English letters and Arabic numerals, in compliance with the Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989. In Maharashtra, vehicle owners have the additional option of using Marathi number plates.

It was emphasized that the number plates should adhere to the specified size for each category of vehicle, ensuring that the registration letters and numbers are easily readable. The rules outlined in Rules 50 and 51 of the CMV Act of 1989 do not permit the use of decorative or unconventional lettering on number plates.

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