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'The Life of Gandhi' on canvas

A Draft Correspondent | New Delhi

Artist Roop Chand with the painting exhibited at the National Art Exhibition at New Delhi
President Awardee Delhi-based Artist Roop Chand with his painting made during a three-day Online Painting Workshop held from 20 September to 22 September 2020, on 'The Life of Gandhi' and organised by Nav Siddhartha Art Group.

The painting by Roop Chand that is now part of the ongoing National Art Exhibition
The painting forms part of an ongoing National Art Exhibition being held at the Finance Ministry in New Delhi from 2 October 2020 to till 2 December 2020.

Artist Roop Chand at work
The exhibition, organised by Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India and Nav Siddhartha Art Group and curated by Shrikant Pandey, Asurvedh and Suresh Kumar, had the participation of 48 fellow artists from across India such as Asurvedh, Suresh Kumar, Vijaya Vedh, Hena Chakraborty, Dr. Ranjan Kumar Malik and Kanu Patel.

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