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Known India-Baiter Harris Is Indian-American Favourite


Kamala Harris loves idli sambhar and doesn't miss an opportunity to talk about her Indian origins via her mother and maternal grandfather and 'freedom fighter' P V Gopalan. It may be recalled that while, in her 2019 memoir, The Truths We Hold, Harris wrote that her grandfather Gopalan had been part of India’s independence movement, her family members said there was no record of him having been anything other than a diligent civil servant. It would have been impossible for him to continue with a job with the Empire while "fighting for freedom" from it.

RISING STAR: US Democrat's Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris
She is quite pleased with the Indian American vote bank backing her candidature with predictable belligerence but has very selectively skewed opinions on India's position vis-a-vis Kashmir and CAA. And that, makes her a prime candidate for accolades in Pakistan, for obvious reasons.

India, particularly, doesn't think much of the Democrat nominee for vice president. Why, after all, when India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar refused to attend a meeting in the US over Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal's participation, Harris made clear her displeasure.

Jaishankar's refusal to attend the meeting had stemmed from Jayapal's resolution on the Kashmir issue in the House of Representatives, a move that would by no stretch of imagination be glossed over or forgiven by any Indian worth his salt, forget leadership.

US or no other foreign entity has any locus standi on issues entirely domestic and national for India. It's almost as preposterous as India passing a resolution shooting down the legendary wall with Mexico, or one on flaying a COVID testing policy in the US. Kamala's candidature as vice president is the Indian American community's best shot at an imminent Presidency.

What matters most to Indian Americans is that Harris is a better bet than the present-day Trump regime when it comes to immigration and visa rules. And, that's all that matters, for now. For India, it's another story altogether.

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