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Media Bias More Than Apparent


Dreaded criminal Vikas Dubey's act of killing police personnel with apparent disdain for the law or its processes is being perceived as a generic failure in enforcement particularly of the Uttar Pradesh police by the same media which looked the other way when, in Maharashtra, the police literally led two sadhus into a death trap laid for them in Palghar while all the time also on camera.

LAST RITES: Slain policemen of the Kanpur encounter cremated with full honour
The complicity of the corrupt in the police force, in both situations, is a given but is interpreted with abject convenience by politically-motivated media with generous even shameless hypocrisy. The endless coverage of one when examined against the stark absence of reportage in case of the other, says it all. Little wonder that the fourth estate has lost most of its legendary credibility. Objectivity is dead, we have killed it.

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