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The Draft is an international News/Media Portal of The Draft News Network, the media arm of think tank DraftCraft International launched online as an independent media entity on 15 August 2018.

The Draft publishes news, reports, features, analysis, commentaries and columns from Across India and Beyond Borders to provide viewers insightful details on issues that affect them. The aim is to enhance public access to news and enrich people's lives with content to Educate, Inform and Entertain.

A wide network of correspondents, writers, photographers, reporters, researchers, experts and analysts through networked formats, academic arrangements, exchange programmes and direct arrangements contribute to The Draft.

In keeping with DraftCraft's campaigns, to address issues affecting the media, The Draft News Network through its editions will remove from its news portals, news articles and reports whose credentials that have been refuted following publication either owing to new findings, legal issues or the procurement of data following internal fact-checking processes and follow-up reportage. The Draft News Network firmly believes that all such news whose credibility is tainted following valid complaints, legal issues and new findings, must be removed from public domain and the Internet. Merely publishing corrigenda that crawl on the World Wide Web along with the erroneous and damaging data is missing the entire point. The damaging content must be removed from the Internet to prevent any further transmission. The Draft News Network is campaigning across the world with Parliamentarians, Legislators and Policy Experts to address the issue by eliminating damaging, untrue data from spaces where it is likely to stay till eternity.