The Draft provides a wide range of services. Besides the generation of News, Features, Analyses, Commentaries, Opinion Pieces and Election News, The Draft provides exclusive content - Text, Images as well as Audio-Visual media.

Individuals, Institutions, Corporates, Civil Society and State entities can avail the following services:

Media Services
Initialise campaigns, promote existing campaigns

Content Services
Generating content by way of articles, columns, white papers, surveys, reports, short films, coffee table books, publications and documentaries for media entities, State entities, private individuals or corporates

Design Services
Generating design and producing publications, films, magazines or periodicals for clientele

Editorial Services
Providing editorial consultancy to assist teams to create and/or promote products and brands

Educational Services
Conducting Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Sessions on aspects of media, laws involved, careers, trends, etc.

Providing syndicated niche news at competitive rates to media industry and private clientele/corporates to supplement their existing websites/publications

To contact The Draft for any of the services listed above, send an email to