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Statehood Day celebrated in Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya

By A Draft Correspondent

On the occasion of Statehood Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the people of Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya on 21 January 2022. Under the North Eastern Region (Reorganisation) Act of 1971, the three became full-fledged states on 21 January 1972. The PM said India is proud of the contributions of the three states. 

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The Prime Minister congratulated the people of Manipur on the 50th statehood day of Manipur. He paid tribute to the sacrifices and efforts of each and every person who 'contributed to this glorious journey'. He termed the resilience and unity of the Manipuri people in the face of ups and downs of their history as their true strength and expressed happiness that Manipuri people could fulfil their greatest desire for peace. “Manipur deserves peace and freedom from closures and blockades”, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, the PM said the government is committed to making Manipur the sports powerhouse of the country. The sons and daughters of the state have brought laurels in the sports field and in the light of their passion and potential, India’s first sports university was established in the state. He also remarked on Manipur’s youth’s success in the start-up sphere and underlined the government’s commitment for the promotion of local handicrafts.  

The people of Tripura and Meghalaya also celebrated the day with pride and joy. The Prime Minister paid tribute to the people who contributed to the establishment and development of Tripura - a region known for its dignity since the period of the Manikya Dynasty. 

The efforts towards providing pucca houses to the poor and the use of new technology in housing construction have been at the forefront lately in Tripura. The Light House Projects (LHP) are going on in six states and Tripura is one of them. PM Modi said the measures in the fields ranging from transparency in the administration to infrastructure development will prepare the state for decades to come.

President Ram Nath Kovind posted a tweet on the occasion that read, "Greetings to the wonderful people of Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura...Blessed with immense natural beauty, rich history and vibrant culture, these states are fascinating..."

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