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Lucknow Pathology Lab Hosts 'Unsung' Screening

Pragya Singh | Lucknow

Lucknow-based RML Mehrotra Pathology, whose personnel were featured in Unsung - The Film that captured the selfless dedication of 'unsung' COVID Warriors, hosted screenings of the film for their core staff, administrative personnel and other colleagues. Pathology laboratory workers continued to work in high-risk conditions during the lockdown, collecting samples and conducting COVID-19 tests, even while most others stayed back indoors and safe, at home. They faced acute transportation problems, stayed away from their families to keep them safe and worked tirelessly performing their 'essential' duties during the COVID-19 crisis. A Draft PhotoStory.

RML Mehrotra Pathology staff attending 'Unsung - The Film' screening
Attendees stand up for the National Anthem during the screening
Pathology laboratory personnel worked throughout the COVID-19 lockdown in high-risk conditions
Despite problems, pathology laboratory workers continued collecting samples and running COVID-19 tests
'Unsung - The Film' captures the selfless contribution of millions of pathology laboratory workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

This story is part of #TheUnsungProject series. 'Unsung - The Film' captures the selfless dedication of those Indians whose contributions during COVID-19 times, would otherwise go ... unsung. The film was created by DraftCraft Films in conjunction with The Draft. Team Unsung spread across 20 States, 5 Union Territories and over 100 Cities and Villages in India, to document stories of hope, hard work and dedication of thousands, in the time of COVID-19. Watch the film here.

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